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Title: Here With You
Fandom: Pokemon
Characters/Pairings: N/Hilbert
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,030
Warnings: None
Summary: Hilbert comes back to Unova after two years and reunites with N in Nimbasa City.

Note: Originally written for angeltrumpets for the chocolate box gift exchange.

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1. Little rough around the edges, but I keep it smooth
2. Pink like the halls of your heart
3. Mess me up, yeah, but no one does it better
4. Crown on my head but the world on my shoulder
5. She'll have you falling harder than a Sunday in September
6. Heaven is betting on us
7. But I need to know if the world says it's time to go
8. Am I a sinner with my skirt on the ground?
9. You better know what you're fighting for
10. Tell me are you bold enough to reach for love?
11. We'll make a million memories - all incredible
12. So dress me up I'll like it better if we both pretend
13. Come, let me kiss you right there wake you up like sunrise
14. Dance in the trees paint mysteries
15. These eyes long to make you a perfect work of art
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Dear Chocolatier,

I'm very excited to receive a fanfic from you! This is my first time participating in this exchange and writing a letter. I hope my prompts/likes inspire you to write something. I'll be happy with my gift as long as one of my requested relationships is included and my do not wants/dislikes are avoided. :)

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